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This is a 5-week workshop that uses different writing modalities to open up your creative flow. Blocked creativity can cause you to feel stagnant in your everyday life. When your creativity is flowing, watch all areas of your life thrive.

This Program is for you if:

You feel unmotivated.

You desire a writing practice.

You want to restore a sense of self.

You want to unleash your creativity.

You crave joy in your life.

This Program is not for you if:

You feel motivated.

You express your creativity freely.

You have a solid connection to self.

Your days are filled with joy.

What's Included

5 virtual sessions


Writing Exercises

Weekly 1-hour virtual sessions packed with writing techniques, inspiration, and tools to get your creativity flowing.

Weekly meditations to open and relax the mind so that flow comes easy.

Using different writing exercises like "blackout poetry", writing prompts, metaphor creation, and so much more we create a wiring practice that creates flow.

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Group Workshop Price


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