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Inner Critic

This is a 12-week program where we work on why the inner child keeps turning up the volume on the inner critic. Working with the inner child, we will find out what they need to feel loved, nurtured, and calm. Then creating steps to transform your life, achieve your goals, and live the life you dream of! 

This Program is for you if:

Your life feels stagnant.

You are really down on yourself.

You feel unfullfilled.

You find it hard to be positive.

You want more.

You find yourself daydreaming about another life.

Yet you don't feel worth the "better" life.

This Program is not for you if:

You are living the life of your dreams.
You have daily rituals that nurture you.
You ooze positivity.
You consistently achieve your goals.


What's Included

8 virtual sessions

Reiki/ Oracle card readings/ Sacred work

Unlimited online access

Each online session, session length varies from 90-45 min, explores inner critic and inner child relationships, meditation, goal setting, and more. The sessions are catered to the needs of the client.

Reiki healing, during a session and distance, is offered as needed. On occasion, an oracle card reading can help us to explore deeper. Sacred work is created to help clients dive deeper outside of sessions.

During our work together clients can reach out to me through WhatsApp, where they can message me if they need support between sessions. 

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$444 per month for three months


A one-time payment of $1111

*Ask about promotions


$333 per month for three months


A one-time payment of $888

*Ask about promotions

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