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The Life You Desire Is Within Reach.

Online Mentorship with Essra!

Meet Essra


Everyone has what it takes to walk confidently in their purpose, no matter what they have done or have been through. We all have an inner child who controls the volume of our inner critic. Writing can be transformational. A good book can turn a light on in the darkness. When we nurture ourselves, we live in love, joy, and peace, which inspires us to create. I know from experience that healing is not the hard part. The commitment to healing is where the hard work begins.

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What I Specialize In

Inner Critic/

Inner Child 


Healing Through Writing

Reiki Healing



Oracle Card 


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Walk With Confidence In Your Purpose.

Begin Your Journey Today.

"I could not have gotten where I am today without working with Essra. She is such a wonderful, caring mentor. I struggle with staying focused and on task, and working with Essra has helped me set goals and reach them! Her meditations are easy to listen to and help me a great deal. She's very knowledgeable, intuitive, and trustworthy. I highly recommend her programs.

- Rachel F.

Essra has a way with people. She is patient, empathetic, and empowering. She is very easy to talk to. It always feels like she truly hears you and knows exactly where you're coming from. She is non-judgmental and helps you not to be so hard on yourself. Essra is incredibly knowledgeable and professional and has a wealth of personal experience to back it up and a humorous, sensitive way of communicating. She is generous with her time and talents and is an invaluable asset to have in your life.

- Amanda

Essra is very caring and knows how to motivate you to set and meet achievable goals and develop self-love. Her meditations are relaxing and provoke positive and inspiring visualizations that lead to loving yourself, along with self-compassion and positivity.

- Katie B

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